DRICK STICK Disc Retriever Pole 32ft Free Shipping

  • $99.00

Longest Disc Retriever PERIOD 
The DRICK STICK by DRYVE DISC GOLF Simply the Longest, Lightest Retriever pole on the market 32 feet plus height of the user.  This pole will get the most unreachable discs and  will speed up time it takes getting your disc from trees or water hazards  Quick and easy to use and offers long reach 32' pole (plus user height ) approx. 40" total usable overhead reach (height with user). Compact 32" when closed and light weight at just under 2lbs.

With the DRYVE- DISC GOLF DRICK STICK Retriever you can speed up time it takes getting your disc from tree, fences or water hazards so you can enjoy playing more.
Quick and Easy to use, Light weight and longest available length  retrievers with a narrow replaceable tip for tight branches.  This pole is more than twice as long as the longest competitors product a full 32 feet of carbon composite goodness

Not a Car Antenna
The carbon composite telescoping shaft (not a metal car antenna), is durable and waterproof and the hook tip will eject rather than breaking pole when under too much stress, and is easily replaceable with included extra tips (video below), the simple hook grabber is great for tight spaces and work well in water or any surface.  If you can see it you can get it with the DRYVE- Disc Golf Backpack Retriever.    (Pole color may vary from photos)
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    • 32 inches when closed
    • 32 foot pole 40' Maximum reach with user
    • Lightweight carbon fiber composite shaft
    • Aluminum end caps
    • Hook End (replaceable with extra hooks)
    • 2lbs
    • Easy and convenient to use 
    • Comes with storage bag, velcro tie, extra hooks, sticker

  • HOOKS AVAILABLE AT 99cent only stores Nationwide, hardware isle red package Hook/Anchor 30pcs 99 cents Only Stores (pic below)