Cart Disc Retriever Pole 18ft

  • $55.00

With the DRYVE DISC Cart Retriever pole you will speed up the time it takes getting your disc from trees or water hazards so you can enjoy playing more.  Quick and easy to use, durable and with long reach 18ft (plus arm height approx. 26" total reach great for carts. This  retriever features a heavy-duty black anodized shaft for longevity along with a rubberized hook grabber for tight branches and multi-surface grabbling of discs.  
        • Quick retrieval
        • 18' Pole length up to 26' total reach
        • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum shaft
        • Comfort sure-grip
        • hook tip grabber
        • Helps you get back lost discs
        • Easy and convenient to use
        • 46" length when compacted
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